Lepton hold inaugural Hazel Wadsworth Memorial Trophy

The Hazel Wadsworth Trophy being presented to Bryan Hopkinson and Marian Swift by Hazel’s granddaughter Carolyn.

Lepton Croquet club remembered Hazel Wadsworth with a Doubles Golf Croquet competition on Friday 23/9/22.

Hazel was a founder member of our club which we started in Lepton in 2010 where we played for 5 years before moving to Ravensknowle Park Bowling Green in 2016.

She was our ”I will be mum” for brewing a cuppa, always making Tea/Coffee and Biscuits for all our members during a playing session. Hazel was a bit grumpy at times; don’t put the wet teaspoon in the coffee or sugar jars; put your teabag in the bin; put the lid on the biscuit tin, but we loved her nevertheless.

Hazel played at Huddersfield Croquet club when it first began 30 years ago and played constantly until becoming a social member. She was playing at least twice a week at Lepton Club until shortly before her death in August 2021. She was always keen to win and to help new members with their coaching.

We have named a Trophy in memory of her, “The Hazel Wadsworth Memorial Teapot Trophy.” which was presented to the winners Bryan Hopkinson and Marian Swift by Hazel’s granddaughter Carolyn. A good day was had by all, playing and reminiscing about her character and willingness to help everyone she knew.

She is sorely missed.

By Margaret Wood (Founder and Chair- Lepton Croquet Club)
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