The Federation shall be named the Federation of Yorkshire Croquet Clubs. Its objects shall be to
    promote the game of Croquet in the Yorkshire and Humberside Sports Council region. The Federation shall be
    run under the auspices of the Croquet Association.
    1. The Committee of the Federation shall consist of Chairman, Secretary, Coaching Officer, Handicap Officer, Development Officer, League Manager and Website Manager.
    2. The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting each year and shall hold office
      until the next Annual General Meeting, but shall be eligible for re-election.
    3. The duties of the Officers shall be as follows :
      1. The Chairman shall chair meetings of the Federation and be generally responsible for its activities. The Chairman should hold a casting vote in the event of a tie.
      2. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all Federation meetings.
      3. The Treasurer shall keep minutes of all Federation meetings, keep accounts of
        the Federation, be responsible for all monies belonging, due or payable to the Federation, and shall present to the Annual General Meeting an annual statement of accounts.
      4. The Coaching Officer shall organise coaching courses for new clubs and existing clubs without qualified CA coaches, and shall assist individuals who wish to become qualified coaches.
      5. The League Manager shall be responsible for all League competitions run under the
        auspices of the Federation.
      6. The Development Officer shall be responsible for the encouragement of all forms of croquet within the Federation and for facilitating applications for Croquet Association Grants.
        vii) The Handicap Officer shall oversee the keeping of players’ handicaps within the
        Fedration and liaise with Club Handicappers and with the Croquet Association
        Handicapping Committee.
        viii) The Website Manager shall be responsible for the maintenance of the Federation Website.
    Membership shall be open to all Croquet Clubs or Croquet Sections of Clubs within the Region or nearby who are members or affiliated members of the Croquet Association. Registration shall be by application to the Secretary and payment of the current subscription.
    1. There shall be an Annual General Meetingto be held each year. Extra meetings may be called at the joint discretion of the chairman and the Secretary, or at the written request of at least three Secretaries of registered clubs.
    2. Each registered Club shall be entitled to send one voting delegate to attend meetings. Other interested persons may attend in a non-voting capacity.
    3. The fee for the registration of clubs shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting and be due for immediate payment to the Secretary/Treasurer. Any club failing to pay within one calendar month of this meeting maybe deemed to be no longer a Federation member.
    4. A quorum shall consist of five voting members.
    5. Motions shall be duly proposed and seconded. A simple majority shall be sufficient to carry a motion, except as specified under 4g) below. In the event of a tie, the Chairman may exercise a casting vote.
    6. Notices of motions to amend the Constitution or to wind up the Federation shall be sent to the Secretaries of all clubs at least fourteen days before the meeting at which they shall be put.
    7. An amendment to the Constitution shall be carried if at least two thirds of those present and entitled to vote are in favour.
    If there ceases to be the need for the continuing existence of the Federation, it shall be formally wound up on the written agreement of a simple majority of member clubs. The Administrative Secretary of the Croquet Association shall be informed and all assets that remain after the discharge of liabilities sent to him for disposal.

  • The original Constitution was agreed 19th April, 1990.
  • ‘and Humberside’ was altered at the meeting of 4th March,2001 and no longer used after 1st January, 2002.
  • This amendment was agreed 29th November, 2015 and came into force 1st January, 2016.