Regulations for all leagues

All association croquet matches shall be played in accordance with the current Croquet Association’s laws and Tournament Regulations.  Both Captains must have a copy of the latest laws book (with any subsequent amendments) in their possession at every match.

All golf  croquet matches shall be played in accordance with the current Croquet Association’s rules. Both Captains must have a copy of the latest rules book (with any subsequent amendments) in their possession at every match.


Open to any full member club of the federation. Clubs may enter as many league competitions as they wish and may enter more than one team in a given league at the discretion of the League Manager. A player may only play for one team in a given league during any one season. However, a player may play in more than one league if they so wish. Clubs entering multiple teams into the same league competition must treat those teams as separate entities. Once a player has represented one team, they are not eligible for the other.

Handicap cards

This section does not apply for doubles only leagues

At each match all players must produce their current handicap card, properly signed off. All singles games must be recorded on the players’ handicap cards and count towards the Automatic Handicap System. Team Captains must indicate on the results sheet, that they have inspected all opposition handicap cards. Players failing to produce their handicap card for inspection, will be allowed to play off their stated handicap but must send a photo or scan of their card to the Leagues Manager within 7 days. Provided the stated handicap is verified upon the Manger’s sight of the card, all results shall stand. Failure to comply with the above, or the discovery of a discrepancy where a higher handicap was claimed will result in all games involving that player being awarded to the opposing side with a maximum score.


All League matches must be completed by the end of August Any matches played after this date without the agreement of the Leagues Manager, will not be counted for League calculations. Any necessary final will take place in the first two weeks of September, on a date and venue to be advised before the start of the season.

Ordering of team members

Prior to the start of play, the Captains shall complete and exchange an Official Score Sheet, listing the order of their players, and this order shall not be altered for the duration of that match. Members shall be ordered according to their handicap

Timed Games

Timing of games is only permitted with the agreement of both captains.

Fixture Making

Fixtures are to be scheduled at the start of the season, and not later than 30 April without permission from the Leagues Manager. Dates and venues should be communicated to the Leagues Manager.

For fixtures involving only one game per player, the fixture may be split across multiple venues and dates.

Teams are expected to arrange their own fixtures on dates and at venues that are mutually convenient.

Teams must be prepared for the possibility of playing an away match at the ground of any of the other teams in their league (subject to that team having suitable facilities).

The default will be, that the fixture venue will alternate between opposing teams each season. If a fixture is left unplayed due to reasons attributed to the away team, then the next time that the two clubs are scheduled to play, the venue will still be that of the original home Club.

If a fixture is left unplayed due to reasons attributed to the home team, then the next time that the two clubs are scheduled to play, the original home team will be required to travel. If two teams can’t agree on a venue on the occasion of their first league meeting, then the League Manager will toss a coin to decide. Any team that fails to complete ALL their fixtures by the 31st August (except for reason of abandonment) shall have all of their results withdrawn for the purposes of league calculation.

Changes to  fixture dates

Changes may only be made if:

  1. Courts are unplayable – Should it be necessary to rearrange a match, then the hosts shall offer three alternative dates to their opponents as soon as possible. All changes of dates to be notified to the League Manager who will adjudicate in the event of disagreements.
  2. Unable to field a team – Should a team wish to postpone a fixture for this reason, it will only be permitted with the agreement of their opponents. The opponents are not obliged to agree to a postponement and may insist that the fixture be played on the agreed date. In which case, the team being unable to filed a full complement shall forfeit any parts of the fixture not played (losing those games to the maximum score).

Abandonment mid-match

In the event that the fixture has to be abandoned, it should be completed at a later date using the same players and replaying any games not completed.  If it is not possible to complete the match later with the same players, the entire match should be replayed.  If replay is not possible, the result shall stand based on the completed games in the abandoned match (and all other games in that match shall be recorded as draws).

Final matches for large leagues

A league may be split into separate divisions if the number of entries allow.  In this case finals  will be arranged. The date and venue for such a final will be advertised before the start of the season. If the Club identified as the hosts for the final, actually qualify themselves, then the venue will not alter and this will be the good fortune of that Club.